Village Warriors

Meet some of the village residents who are defying the odds and taking on their disabilities like true feline heroes.  All of these kitties have been fully vetted and are under the care of the finest veterinarians, as they grow, heal and make their way into forever family homes.



Meet Jade! Our stunning 1 year old Tortie lady was abandoned by her human and she endured months of pain from a shattered knee. Upon examination, it was also noted that she had extensive leg/hip damage, which would further complicate her situation. Post surgery, she was not healing as well as hoped and the veterinary team worried that she would be in constant pain when walking on that leg. Together, we made the decision to remove the damaged limb.

Since the amputation, our grateful tripawd is happier than you can even imagine – no more pain and she gets around like a champion! The team at Animal Care Clinic in Wilsonville has fallen completely in love with her, saying she has maintained sweetness and grace through this whole ordeal. It’s time to start considering options for a real forever home and a family to love. Our young girl can’t wait for this next step, hopefully leading toward her happily ever after chapter! Because she has been at the vet clinic since being brought into the village, it’s unknown how well she gets along with cats, dogs or kids. But her one on one personality with the humans is a slam dunk!

If you’d like to visit Jade, please call Animal Care Clinic in Wilsonville at 503.682.1794 and schedule an appointment. You can also fill out an adoption form and someone on the team will be in touch to schedule a visit!



Say hello to the gorgeous Carlee! At 9 years old, she is a beautiful soul with a kind heart. She requires plenty of people time and is always in the mood for lots of petting, cuddling, and brushing. Carlee is diabetic, but she doesn’t let her special diet and insulin shots get in the way of her playful and energetic personality. She is an affectionate indoor cat looking for an equaling caring forever-home to spend the rest of her long and happy life! Read more about caring for diabetic cats HERE. Contact Barb at 360-953-7750 for an appointment.  



Wink is a one year old Siamese, who lost his eye to an infection. Our friendly fella is part of a large trapping that included over 35 cats and kittens. All of them were living in a barn, expected to survive on rodents and bread crumbs and barely surviving. We had no problem getting any of these cats to run into our traps, they seemed to know we would help them.

Fully vetted, Wink has no medical issues, he is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, treated for parasites and feeling like a million bucks. He is enjoying life on the inside and wants to keep it that way… his friendly nature will blend in with any family and he can’t wait to settle down and start a real forever life. Josie would be happy to share more details or schedule a visit and can be reached at 541-749-8088. WInk is looking forward to meeting you! 




Delta is a sleek, young gray girl with tons of personality, who was diagnosed with Pectus Excavatum. This basically means that her sweet heart is displaced in her chest, gresulting in decreased lung capacity. Beautiful 1 year old Delta is very precocious and often carries off toys to a hidden location… sometimes they are bigger that herself. Foster mama found her secret stash under the bed; earrings, glasses, hair ties and clips, and even extension cords. Watching Delta prance around proudy with her most recent catch is beyond adorable. She behaves like a totally healthy kitty – she plays, eats well and uses the litter box. She gets along well with the other cats, she loves to play and play. She is also very affectionate and loves to be held.