Stray Cat Strut

Who is hardworking, has no paid staff, and a volunteer base of less than 20—including foster moms?  MEOW VILLAGE!

Since its inception in May 2010, who has saved 2,300 lives?  MEOW VILLAGE!

Who is ready to show their “Stray Cat Strut”?  MEOW VILLAGE!

A very generous donor is matching up to $10,000 from now until 12/31/15 and we’re asking for YOUR help to reach that goal.

Come on—we know “You’ve got cat class and you’ve got cat style!”

Donations can be made via our website: or you can mail a check to PO Box 184, Aurora, OR 97002.

While you’re making that donation, Scroll down there’s a little background music and video for you to enjoy.  MEOW!

Stray Cat Strut