Welcome to Meow Village

Meow Village is an all volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit rescue organization based in Aurora, Oregon.  Our mission is to improve the quality of life for feral and community cats.  In that same spirit, we also work to find homes for the many kittens who have been abandoned or born into feral colonies.  Please consider adopting one of our Meow Village babies and become part of the rescue effort!

We hope that you will consider the ways you can help in our mission to find safe home for all of our community cats!  Many thanks in advance for supporting our rescue efforts.  Help us out by clicking the Donate button below.

50 Feral Cats at Risk – BARN HOMES NEEDED! Please read the flyer for more information and contact us via the email or phone number below. You can also submit an application here and send photos of your structure to mymeowvillage@gmail.com. Thank you for helping us save these kitties… we appreciate your spreading the word.


We are so flattered and grateful to have been selected as the rescue of the month by the super cool restaurant, No Bones Beach Club Portland.  Each month they give back to the community in a BIG way to help our animal friends.  They choose a sanctuary or rescue to receive a percentage of their entire month’s sales… and for the month of April, they chose us!!  This is a super cool honor for us and an easy way for our friends to support our rescue mission AND enjoy a delicious meal as well.  Take a peek at their website to see what they offer and tell all your friends to dine out in April to pay it forward for a great cause.

Also, give them a follow on Instagram and like their page on Facebook to show appreciation for our community partners, who give back so we can help rescue more kitties.