Barn Livin’ is the Life For Me

Truly feral cats—those born in the wild who have had no human interaction—live happier lives in an outdoor environment where they have access to food, water and shelter—such as a stable or barn. Even wineries are ideal locations for our rescues.IMG_6673

How do you benefit from participating in this program? You get a full-time feline to guard your structures from rodents who, as you know, will chew through anything to get to grain, oats–any kind of feed. They will also gnaw through electrical wire, leather and insulation.

Your new four legged family member(s) would be delivered to you healthy, already spayed or neutered, vaccinated and treated for ear mites and fleas. And this is definitely a situation where two cats are better than one. Their companionship makes them feel safe and secure, and they can double-team those pesky mice!

IMG_6675We hope you agree that our rescues offer a “natural” resolution to any rodent problem you may have. At the same time, your compassion offers them a second chance for a better life.

There is a $30 per cat adoption fee associated with our Relocation Program. We do ask that you acclimate your new family members by housing them in a large cage, secure room, or secure outbuilding with food, water and litter for a period of three weeks, so they can become familiar with their new surroundings. They need to bond with their new environment–and you, so they feel safe and know they will be cared for.  As a participant in Barn Livin’ is the Life For Me, you will continue to provide food, water and shelter for the cats once their confinement period is over.

If you have questions, or are interested in hearing more about Meow Village and our Barn Livin’ is the Life For Me program, please contact us via phone at (971) 213-5919. If you would like to adopt a few mousers, or would like to become a feral caretaker please fill out our on-line application. We look forward to hearing from you!

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