Working Cat (Feral) Caretaker Form

There is a $30 adoption fee per barn kitty that helps us sustain this valuable program.  This money goes directly to help fund our supplies, blankets, cages, traps and medicine.  The application below will ask you about your preferred payment option.  If PayPal is your preferred option, feel free to use the PayPal link on the homepage of our website and place your name in the notes section.

What we provide for a $30 adoption fee:

  • You receive a full-time feline to guard your structures from rodents
  • Your new four legged family member(s) would be delivered to you healthy, neutered, vaccinated and treated for parasites. This is definitely a situation where two cats are better than one, as companionship makes them feel safe and secure… AND they can double-team those pesky mice!
  • 42×42 inch cage, sleep box, litter pan, food bowls and warm blankets are provided for the acclimation period, if needed.

What you provide:

  • Safe shelter in a suitable barn, stable, garage, winery, brewery or outbuilding.
  • Daily food and water; cats cannot live on mousing alone.
  • Pine pellet litter mixed with dirt during the acclimation period
  • A new lease on life for one happy cat!
  • More information on our program here