FIV+ Cats = Pawsitively Adoptable! 

FIV or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is an incurable virus that can cause the immune system of infected cats to be compromised. Immunodeficiency is the medical term used to describe the body’s inability to develop a normal immune response.

As a result of immunodeficiency, most infected cats do not show symptoms and have normal life expectancy, however they are prone to developing other infections and certain types of cancer.  Click here to learn more.


For the most up to date information on FIV visit Maddie’s Institute to view their informative webcast, which includes:

  • Latest evidence-based information from recently published studies.
  • Likelihood of FIV transmission in mixed-cat households.
  • Signs of FIV.
  • Overview of available diagnostic methods.
  • Antiviral treatments, management and prognosis.


Carlee is a sweet, playful, 9 year old girl who longs to be your one and only. She loves brushes, pets and play time. Carlee is diabetic, but is responding well to insulin and her healthy diet. Carlee is FIV+, but it hasn’t slowed her down a bit and she plans to live a long, healthy life! Stunning in every way… from her sparkling blue eyes, to her amazingly soft fur coat, Carlee is a real looker!

Usually found sunning herself in a warm window, our girl has mastered the art of the cat bird seat and is quite proud! Foster mom, Barb, can fill you in on all the the details about Carlee and set up a time to meet in person at 360-953-7750. Carlee is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and parasite free. The adoption fee to take her home furever is $60.  Read more about caring for diabetic cats HERE