Cat of the Week


This striped, green eyed beauty is Marigold and she is our Meow Village Cat of the Week.  She is a two-year-old tabby that loves to snuggle up in someone’s lap.  She had kittens and all of her babies went off to good homes and now it is her turn! Let her knead her way into your heart!

Marigold has a very unique stubby tail that she will curl around the one she loves! She gets along great with children and other cats. A well-mannered mama who is the perfect addition to your family! Remember, when you adopt The Meow Village Cat of the Week, you will get a gift bag to help start your journey together off right. The gift bag comes with handmade toys, treats, and more! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask below. To set up a visit with this darling you can call Pam at 503-329-2222.